Episode 6 - Dan White

Cool Room, the ~chill~ and *sexy* dance show is back for Episode 6, our season finale, brought to you by jus b chill, TRNSMT and Hugs&Kisses. For our final episode this season, we're pleased to bring showcase some local producers and DJs making waves overseas for a special Monday night Cool Room.

Melbourne Cup Eve, Monday November 2nd, 9pm - Late
$10 before midnight / $15 after.

Be ~chill~, feel sexy.
Make it hot and keep it cool.

Bodies writhing, booties popping, sweat trickling - audience participation is essential. Give our home viewers something worth watching.

Memebership is essential. The Hugs & Kisses studio is members only, you will need to sign up before you arrive. It only takes a moment, you can sign up here ~> http://hugsandkisses.club/new-member/

Cool Room Manifesto

When dancing is your expression, Cool Room is where you show others how you work it.

Be ~chill~, feel *sexy*.

Make it hot and keep it cool.

Watch this episode below!

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Brooke Powers and Simona Castricum

Brooke Powers, the rave princess, committed non-sleeper, transgirl lover of technofeminism and house and techno.
Simona Castricum is responsible for The Shock of the New party and the Girls Who Smoke Poke label. Her mix of minimal techno, underground house and new beat dance genres create a dark, sexual and physical dance floor experience.

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Ben Houghton

Taking inspiration from cities like Detroit, Chicago & Berlin, Ben makes house music harking back to the golden age of the 90s. Take a crunchy bed of drums, add a juicy layer of synth chords and top with strings and crispy cymbals and you'll be getting close.

Having recently returned from playing at Dimensions Festival in Croatia, Ben has refined his live set into a heavy hitting and jammy blend of house that's sure to get bodies moving on the dancefloor.

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Dan White

Dan White is one of many production alias of Melbourne born Rory McPike. Through various genres, styles and setups he explores the reaches of experimental electronic music. The founder of the Rhythm Works label and charted ambient releases under Rings Around Saturn.

With an ever growing and evolving studio of hardware he continues to fuse his love of jungle, techno, reggae and ambient music.

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