Episode 8 - Brooke Powers

While we were away we were busy making things look better, sound better and smell better. We can't wait to unveil everything to you. For episode 8, we're honing in on house music in all it's glorious forms.

We booked Brooke for our very first Spritz Life party nearly two years ago and since then she's gone from strength to strength. Over that time, it's been a pleasure to witness her master her craft and find her distinct Garage House sound. This will be her 7th set at Cool Room making her our most booked DJ. We're thankful for her contribution to the scene, to local politics and for her always being cummy mummy.

Off the back of his excellent new release 'Beta Blocker' on Momentary Records, and a performance at Pleasure Planet's Pure Romance, Ben is in fine form. Catch him LIVE in the main room before Brooke for his second Cool Room appearance.

Since appearing at Book Club recently, Avery's sets have brought loads of joy to crowds around town. We're pleased to welcome Avery to Spritz Life for 1.5 hours of house to ~warm~ you all up.

The Cool Room founder will be keeping it cheeky n' phreaky late into the night and sending you home on a high. Expect acid house, classic chicago cuts and filthy anthems.

Keep it ~chill~ until we see you on the dance floor


Episode 8 - Brooke Powers features:

Cool Room Manifesto

When dancing is your expression, Cool Room is where you show others how you work it.

Be ~chill~, feel *sexy*.

Make it hot and keep it cool.

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