Episode 4 - Simon TK

A wise woman once said, “We don’t need no haters, just try to love one another.” Our Cool Room family is joined by a love for all things ~chill~ and techno, and we want Episode 4 to be a glorious celebration of family members old and new.

To rejoice in our esprit de corps we’re pleased to present a lineup of Cool Room alumni...

We’ve enjoyed a long-time love affair with our headliner, Simon TK, ever since we shared a home at Hugs & Kisses with the acclaimed XOXO Presents, and late last year when we invited Simon to be among the first to play at Cool Room’s Season 2 premiere.
It’s a pleasure to have him joining the cast again, we’ve got εїз butterflies εїз about this one.

In the Cool Room \lounge\ we’ll have residents 6AM AT THE GARAGE indulging you in soul-stirring techno to start and closing things out, the discerning selector Brooke Powers returns for her fourth performance at Cool Room.

11pm - late
Pre-sale tickets now available here: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/cool-room-s02e04-simon-tk-tickets-24277405373

We’d be nowhere without the support and kinship of so many wonderful people in Melbourne, around Australia and abroad. To all of those people, as Mary J. Blige would say, “Come on baby just party with me, let loose and set your body free.”

Episode 4 - Simon TK features:

Cool Room Manifesto

When dancing is your expression, Cool Room is where you show others how you work it.

Be ~chill~, feel *sexy*.

Make it hot and keep it cool.

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Simon TK

Simon TK will satiate your eardrums with their heady mix of jazz, soul, house and suppertime techno. Packing out nights for XOXO Presents and ¿Club D'érange?, Simon has enlivened crowds around Melbourne with sounds both buoyant and tantalising.

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